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Modifying A Home Plan

With a CUSTOM MODIFICATION you can increase or decrease any plans square footage, rearrange space to meet your needs, i.e. bath or kitchen layouts, adding an additional room or converting a room for other family needs. If the changes are minor, sometimes they can be handled on the job site, just make sure your request is clear and in writing. You can even mix and match exterior styles of any plan. We suggest you work from the inside out. But take note that decreasing footage from a plan may force other changes due to the fact that rooms and spaces are smaller and still have to meet the minimum distance requirements of space between cabinets, bath room fixtures, hall ways and other considerations like furniture placement. On the other hand, adding space doesn't have the same impact. Take a look at the ESTIMATED PRICING CHART below to view some of the many possibilities.

The ESTIMATED PRICING CHART is an approximate cost for drafting services. If the fees are in line and you are ready to start:

1. Choose a floor a plan that is close to what you need. Our design team can work with you to make the plan fit your needs exactly. 2. Select an exterior style for your home. You can mix and match any exterior style to complement your overall home. 3. Simply email us you thoughts and or any part of another plan that is specific to or close to your needs. There is a $25.00 fee for a written quote which will be deducted from the final cost of modifications and blue printing. 4. Our design team can also provide you detailed sketches to any floor plan layout or sketch a new exterior style you may request, they will speak with you to get specific as to the details you require in the plan changes and a general cost before starting any work.

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Draw from Scratch

If you can't find the plan you're looking for, don't be discouraged. Home Plans Studio has helped many people incorporate their particular ideas through our Draw From Scratch Program, and have provided construction plans for their dream homes. Our professional staff can apply the finishing touches to insure a smooth and trouble free construction process.

Based on the complexity of the plan, the fee can range from $.50 to $1.00 per square foot of under roof area, total square footage. (A single story, simple roof verses a two story, complex roof system.) Just give us a call to speak with one of our design team members to get you started.

Estimated Pricing for Drafting Services

These estimates are based on the size and complexity of the plan you are interested in, starting with:

The Stanford Collection (Price Group 1 — up to 1499 sq ft)
The Trenton Collection (Price Group 2 — 1500 through 1999 sq ft)
The Dawson Collection (Price Group 3 — 2000 through 2799 sq ft)
The Faulkner Collection (Price Group 4 — 2800 through 3499 sq ft)
The Oxford Collection (Price Group 5 — 3500 through 4199 sq ft)
The Richard Collection (Price Group 6 — Plans over 4200 sq ft)

Services Price Group 1 Price Group 2 Price Group 3 Price Group 4 Price Group 5 Price Group 6
Exterior Elevation Style Change $550 $590 $640 $690 $740 $790
Relocating a Garage Opening $180 $180 $180 $180 $220 $220
Exterior Roof Pitch Change $340 $380 $420 $460 $500 $540
Kitchen / Bathroom Layout $345 $375 $405 $440 $475 $510
Adding a Covered or Screened Porch $350 $390 $430 $470 $510 $530
Add a Bonus in Attic Space $340 $440 $540 $615 $690 $740
Exterior Wall Framing (2x4 to 2x6) $300 $365 $430 $495 $540 $585
Add a Concrete Slab $225 $270 $315 $360 $405 $450
Add a Crawl Space $405 $450 $495 $540 $585 $630
Add a Basement $600 $650 $700 $750 $800 $850
Wheelchair Accessible $440 $510 $580 $650 $720 $790
Ceiling Height Change $205 $245 $285 $325 $365 $410
Add or Relocate a Fireplace $180 $180 $180 $180 $220 $220
Utility/Laundry Room Change $170 $185 $200 $220 $240 $265
Omit or Add a Bay Window $200 $200 $200 $200 $245 $245
Add/Omit Exterior Door or Window $45 $45 $45 $45 $50 $50
Add Stairs for Future Bonus Room $150 $150 $175 $175 $200 $200
Enlarging or Reducing Floor Plan (Stretching) $2.00 Sq. Ft. $2.00 Sq. Ft. $2.00 Sq. Ft. $2.00 Sq. Ft. $2.00 Sq. Ft. $2.00 Sq. Ft.

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